Collection: Concrete Container Candles

We pride ourselves on uniquely scented candles. Each candle is hand poured and our  containers are handmade using concrete. We use a soy blend wax which results in a fragrant candle with a slow and clean burn. Our candles are double wicked which results in an even burn with stunning ambience. 

We offer two different styles of containers, a 3.5" tall tulip shape or a 3" tall geometrical lidded container. Both styles contain 8.5 ounces of wax. Once the candle has burned completely, you can reuse the concrete container. Common reuse options include; planting a succulent, pen holder, flower vase, or trinket holder. 

Average burn time is 30 hours. 


All containers are hand poured out of concrete and will have variations in color and may contain small surface imperfections and air bubbles. It is difficult to achieve a perfect product when hand pouring a temperamental material like concrete.